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Influencers Dinner

November 10, 2016

Saturday night I was honored to be a guest at an Influencers Dinner in New York City. The Influencers Dinner is a secret dining experience started in 2009 by behavior expert and social engineer Jon Levy. Twelve thought leaders, tastemakers, and influencers from various industries attend each dinner.

During the course of the experience they are not allowed to discuss their professional career or share their last name. The dinner has a community design where Jon guides all attendees through the preparation of the meal. Once seated and eating, guests take turns guessing what their fellow attendees do professionally.

The attendees at my meal included the CEOs of tech companies, writers, comedians, TV news anchors, doctors, and more. After dinner, additional guests, including Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk, joined us for networking, conversation, and a few presentations (one from comedian and TV producer, Larry Wilmore).

You can read about the dinner in the New York Times and Business Insider.

I was in charge of preparing and cooking the meat for the meal. My first helper was Pat Kiernan, morning anchor for NY1 News.

My second helper was Tim Hwang, founder and CEO of FiscalNote.

Our host, Jon Levy, is at the head of the table. Comedian and writer/producer Larry Wilmore is across from me. 

After dinner, more guests arrived to discuss issues ranging from health, food, art, and relationships. Jon told us all about his new book.

It was a fascinating experience!

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