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Wetlands Project: Busy as Beavers

November 17, 2016

Our family enrolled the most flood-prone 200 acres of our farm in the Wetland Restoration part of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). The project runs for 10 years. Work has begun to turn this area, which long ago was a natural wetlands before farmers settled the area, into a wetlands once again. The program allows us to seed native grasses and forbs until the ground is frozen this winter and up until July 1, 2017. It may take that long to find a dry spell in this naturally soggy area. The problem with doing any work on a wetlands is obvious – it’s often too wet to get in there. 

Some of the corn could not be harvested because the area is already too wet, thanks to a beaver family that built a dam on our property line. It's almost like they heard about our plans and said, "Let us do the work for you." 

This corn may not get harvested.

You can see the beaver dam in the middle of this photo. Water in the ditch has backed up into the field on both sides. We plan to leave the dam alone this winter.

The field from another angle, as it's being harvested. The combine in this photo is heading toward the beaver dam, which is on the east side of our property line.

The beavers are helping us remove scrub trees. We really need to put a trail camera on these guys.

This is why the deer are so fat in Iowa! The combine misses quite a bit. 


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