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Double cherry pie

February 18, 2010

My husband, Jayson, loves cherry pie. It’s his favorite dessert. But when he orders it in restaurants, he’s continually disappointed because it just isn’t as good as the pie his mom makes. That kind of pressure may have something to do with why, after more than 12 years of marriage, I have never made him a cherry pie. My mother-in-law is a really good cook, and boys will always think their mom is the best cook. (Lucky for me, I have three boys!)


After seeing an amazing-looking recipe here on the Living the Country Life site, however, I decided to bite the bullet. For Valentine’s Day, I promised him a completely homemade cherry pie, and yesterday I paid up. This was my first-ever cherry pie, so I was a bit nervous.


Here’s a link to the recipe I used: Very cherry recipes. I used frozen tart cherries since fresh weren’t available, but they were expensive! When cherry season rolls around I’ll try to get my hands on some fresh cherries, and freeze them myself. I omitted the almond extract from the pie, since when I got home from the grocery store I realized I had actually bought anise extract instead, and that’s just nasty.  I also used my own pie crust recipe, based on one my Aunt Carolyn uses. She’s a wonderful baker. I even got a little fancy and did a lattice crust on the top.




I realize people make pie every day, but for me, this was a big deal. Jayson was very excited about this pie, and it had to be good. The recipe was easy to follow, and actually the hardest part of the whole thing was forcing myself (and my boys) to stop eating the sugar-coated frozen cherries as they thawed.


We had a mediocre dinner, so I was glad to have a good dessert ready to go. Jayson picked up some vanilla ice cream on the way home, so as soon as the last kid cleaned his plate, we were set. When I gave Jake, my 8-year-old, his piece, he said, “Helloooo, Gorgeous!” We were all excited. It was the moment of truth.




Everyone ate, and everyone loved it! Jayson said it tasted a lot like his mom’s, and declared it “fantastic.” Luke, age 6, said it was the best pie he had ever had, and Will, 4, said it was the best pie in the world. I loved it … the dried cherries mixed with the thawed frozen gave it an interesting texture, and it was just plain good.


I sometimes make a little snack for my boys, where I put some cheesecake pudding in the bottom of a cup, top it with sugar-free cherry pie filling, and add some graham cracker crumbs on top. I call it “cherry pie.”  I won’t be able to fool them with that anymore … they’ll demand the real deal!


After dessert, there were two pieces  of pie left — Jayson ate one for breakfast and took the other to work with him. Happy Valentine’s Day … with a cherry on top!

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