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Grilled pizza

May 27, 2010



It has been hot here the past few days, and our little window air conditioners are running full-blast. It seems counter-intuitive to run the oven a whole lot and heat up the house, while the air conditioners are trying to cool it down. It had been a while since we’d had a make-your-own-pizza night, so last night we decided to try something different … pizza on the grill.


I made my favorite whole-grain pizza crust, but whipped up 1 1/2 times the amount of dough I usually use. We like our pizza crust pretty thin when baking it in the oven, but I thought we’d need a little extra heft to keep it together on the grill. Using plenty of flour, I shaped our individual crusts and carried them outside on a cookie sheet. The grill was preheated, but a little hot. Ideally it should be on about medium heat.


crustgrillI brushed one side of the crusts with olive oil, using my handy-dandy, heat-resistant Teflon pastry brush, and tossed them, oiled side down, onto the hot grill, away from any flames. Then I shut the lid and went back in to bring out my toppings. We had spaghetti a few nights ago, and I had some of the delicious sauce my husband made still in the fridge. It’s full of sausage and vegetables, and is really good.


Once the crusts cooked for about 3 or 4 minutes, I lifted them up with tongs and could see the gorgeous grill marks on the bottom. I brushed the tops with olive oil and flipped them all over. A few more minutes, then I added the sauce, some cheese, and the kids’ favorite: mini turkey pepperoni. Mine was just topped with the sauce and a little feta. I might add some shrimp next time, and some spinach from my container garden. A skewer of shrimp would grill up nicely while the dough is cooking. Easy peasy.


I shut the lid long enough for the bottom of the crusts to get those great grill marks, and for the sauce to warm and the cheese to melt. And just like that, we had pizza. The crust was so good. It was crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, and had that great char-grilled flavor. We will definitely make this again. It was also good just dipped in sauce, so grilling some dough and cutting it into strips for dipping would make a tasty appetizer.


The boys and I ate at the picnic table while my husband mowed the yard. If that doesn’t sound like summer, I don’t know what does!

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