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Turkey popper burgers

June 7, 2010



Tonight seemed like a good night to grill some burgers. I’ve been eyeing the popper beef burgers recipe here on the site, and since I made jalapeno poppers for an appetizer, this was a good night to give them a try!


I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (I rarely do), but took the basic idea and made it my own. I set aside four of the jalapeno poppers I made, before they were topped with the Panko crumbs. 


In a small bowl, I combined a pound of lean ground turkey with some grilling steak seasoning, about 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese, and a little cayenne pepper.


For each burger, I took 1/4 of the meat, flattened it out, put a popper in the middle, tucked the meat all around, and flattened it a bit. Onto the grill they went!


The burgers were so good that I didn’t add anything on top of them. No cheese, no sauce, no condiments … just the burger and a bun. And they were delicious! The popper was like a nice little surprise in the middle of the burger, with the perfect combination of spice and creaminess. It didn’t take much extra effort to turn ordinary ground turkey into something special. I’ll definitely be making these again!

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