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Pizza stromboli

December 15, 2010


I try to plan our meals ahead, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Yesterday, I was in town all day and hadn’t thawed any meat out at home before I left. We were low on groceries and I was short on time, so I had to go to the store and pick up something easy to take home and fix quickly. Kids love pizza, but I was in the mood for something a little different, so I decided to make a shortcut stromboli.


I picked up two tubes of refrigerated pizza dough (no time for homemade!), a pound of good Italian sausage, a pack of pepperoni, some shredded pizza cheese, and a can of our favorite sauce. That was quick!


When I got home, I browned the sausage, rolled out the dough, and topped it with the sausage, cheese, and pepperoni. Then, starting with one of the long sides of the dough rectangle, I rolled the dough onto itself and kept rolling, jelly-roll style. Then I put it on a greased cookie sheet, seam-side down, and repeated the process with the other tube of dough, giving me two big pizza rolls. I baked the rolls according to the package directions on the pizza dough. Of course you can use whatever pizza toppings you like. Or go with taco meat and cheese, or barbecue pork. Whatever you have on hand!


Once the rolls were golden brown, I let them cool a bit and cut them into sandwich-sized slices. I served them with a cup of warm marinara for dipping, and it was a hit! Even my husband, who doesn’t love dough-in-a-tube, had seconds. I reserved three small slices to send in the boys’ lunch the next day. They eat cold pizza … why not cold stromboli? (Or “tromboney,” as my five-year-old called it.)


These are ingredients that can be kept on hand, so you can avoid that “Oh no, what’s for dinner” sense of panic. Give this one a try … enjoy!

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