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A few of my favorite things

January 2, 2011

mixerpinI had to share a few Christmas gifts for the kitchen I was lucky enough to receive. My husband and I both love to cook, and my parents bought us a new stand mixer! I have been wanting one for years! I actually screamed like a little girl when we unwrapped the box. My kids thought that was hilarious.


I’ve used it multiple times each day since Christmas, and have tried out all the attachments. I have to say my favorite is the dough hook. It does all the kneading for you, and now making dough is a snap! I’m also excited about the optional attachments available. I’m planning on picking up a pasta roller/cutter next time I’m in town.


Another wonderful surprise was the mini rolling pin my folks got me. I have a standard non-stick rolling pin and a long French pin. They are great for rolling out pie dough on the table, but when it comes to rolling out tortillas or other smaller pastries on the counter, the long pins are too big. I had mentioned to my mom that I wanted to find a shorter pin for working on the counter, and she came through! This cute little pin is just right. the flat rolling section in the middle is about 4 inches long. It’s also just the right size for the kids to use!


Thanks, Mom and Dad! I owe you dinner!

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