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Easy slow cooker chicken and rice

September 1, 2011



My husband came home from the store the other day with three 10-pound bags of frozen chicken hindquarters. They were on sale. We have a big freezer on our back porch that’s full of meat, and now we have a bunch of chicken to go with the hog and half beef we split with our neighbor. Now … what to do with all of that chicken?


Now that the kids are back in school, it’s feeling like fall, even though it’s still nice and warm. That puts me in the mood for using the slow cooker!


I used my 5-quart cooker, and sprayed the whole thing with non-stick spray. Then I shook some garlic powder on both sides of half of the frozen hindquarters and just popped them in the cooker and turned in on high. This was about 11:00 a.m. (If you start cooking first thing in the morning, just set the slow cooker on low instead of high, and your meat will be ready by dinnertime.)


Around 4:30, the house started to smell really amazing. I checked on the chicken, and there was a ton of liquid in the cooker, and the meat was done. I dumped in a bunch of quick-cooking rice, eyeballing the amount based on the amount of liquid that was in the cooker.


An hour later, dinner was served. It smelled and tasted great, and it couldn’t possibly have been any easier The chicken was moist and tender, and the rice had soaked up all of that chicken stock and garlic powder.


The next day, I cooked the rest of the bag of chicken in the slow cooker, this time without the rice, and with a sprinkling of Italian seasoning. When the chicken was cooked, I removed the skin and bones, and cut the meat up into bite-sized pieces and froze it. I also strained the liquid that was left in the pot and froze it. This stock and meat will be great in a soup or casserole later this fall!

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