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Fluffy frosting

February 3, 2012

Frosting is good. That’s all there is to it. But sometimes it’s just heavy, not to mention the calories. My neighbor Kelsey shared this fantastic recipe for a super simple frosting that is easy to lighten up.

First, choose any flavor of instant pudding mix. I used vanilla this time, but you can use chocolate, pumpkin, or whatever tickles your fancy. I also used the fat-free, sugar-free mix, but you can use regular, of course. Beat together the pudding mix with HALF of the milk it calls for on the box, which will usually be one cup. Once the pudding starts to thicken, add a carton of frozen whipped topping, thawed, and beat until fluffy and well combined. Again, I used light whipped topping to cut the calories.

You can really use any size pudding and any size whipped topping. It will be great any way you make it. The more pudding you use in the ratio, the thicker and more flavorful it will be.

I love this fluffy frosting on angel food cake, because it doesn’t overpower the lightness of the cake. You can use it to frost any cake, cupcakes, or cookies. Dollop it in your hot chocolate. Spoon over berries. Serve with pie. Use in place of whipped topping in other recipes. Spread between graham crackers and freeze for a lightened up version of an ice cream sandwich. The possibilities are endless!

> Make my pineapple angel food cake!

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