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Pineapple angel food cake

February 3, 2012

Angel food cake is so good, and you can make it from scratch, but this is one of those desserts where the box mix is usually  just as good, and a ton easier. Like with many box mixes, you can really jazz it up with little or no effort.

When I make an angel food cake mix, I simply combine the dry mix with a 20-ounce can of crushed pineapple, juice and all. Just mix well, pour in an ungreased angel food cake pan, and bake as directed.

There are a few tricks to making a perfect angel food cake: don’t overbeat (follow the times listed on the box), don’t grease your pan, and don’t underbake. You should bake it until it’s golden brown and the cracks on the top (which will be the bottom) are no longer sticky to the touch. Make sure you flip your pan upside down and let the cake cool completely before you remove it from the pan by running a knife along the edges. My angel food cake pan came from my great aunt, and has built-in legs for cooling upside down. If your pan doesn’t have these, you can put a pop bottle in the middle to hold the pan upside down and off the counter.

Give this easy cake a try … it’s so tasty and moist, and is perfect with fluffy frosting and fresh fruit!

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sbr043 wrote:
My family and I love this cake. It's the easiest cake I've ever done and delicious.

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