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August 2, 2014

At my house, we love pork. We also love a good deal! One of our neighbors' sons was raising some hogs to show at the county fair, but thanks to a paperwork snafu, he wasn't able to show them. They had spent a lot of money on expensive show feed and just wanted to cut their losses and sell the hogs. We jumped at the chance, and he delivered our hog to the local locker. 

My husband talked with the butcher and told him how we wanted the hog processed, and a few days later, I loaded up the back of my Suburban with fresh pork. We have a big freezer in our mudroom, and we've spent the past few weeks cleaning it out, reheating frozen lasagne, and grilling all kinds of meat. I was able to squeeze almost all of the meat into the freezer, and put several pounds of bacon in my kitchen freezer so it's handy.

With the cost of the hog and the processing fees, we wound up spending just over $2 per pound for 170 pounds of pork. And we won't have to buy meat again all winter. Not too shabby!

We have hams, ham steaks, shoulder roasts, ribs, Iowa chops, pork chops, 30 pounds of sausage, bunches of bacon, pork cutlets, and assorted other cuts of pork filling our freezer. So now what will we do with it?

I put together this slideshow today of some delicious pork recipes on our site. A few are favorites from my blog (Havarti-ham quiche and apple-cranberry slow-cooked pork loin). I'll definitely be making these again in the near future, along with some of the other tasty pork recipes!

Browse the slideshow: 10 terrific pork recipes

What's your favorite pork recipe?

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