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January 30, 2014 | Betsy's Backyard
Bob put the finishing touches on our new sheep shed made totally out of scraps and recycled material. You can see pieces of the red tin from our big barn. There are also pieces of the old hog confinement barns we tore down three years ago. It is Bob...see all
January 27, 2014 | Betsy's Backyard
Mom has a gas fireplace that creates the perfect cozy spot to read on a cold evening. I enjoyed the warmth on my visit there last week. The open flame gives that fireplace feel without messing with firewood. The only problem with this fireplace is...see all
January 23, 2014 | Betsy's Backyard
I've returned from an unexpected trip to my parent's farm in Maryland. Dad fell in his shop last week, bashing his face on the concrete floor and causing a brain bleed. He spent three days in intensive care and three days in the trauma ward before...see all
January 16, 2014 | Lisa's Kitchen
Last weekend, we had a lazy morning at home, which is a really rare occurence with three sons involved in sports, music, Scouts, and other activities. It was most definitely a breakfast casserole morning. I looked through the pantry and fridge,...see all
January 14, 2014 | Betsy's Backyard
Mom gave me this quilt as a combined Christmas/30th wedding anniversary gift. It was made by her friend Linda Brammer of Elkton, Maryland, and is called Heavens to Betsy. The photo doesn't do it justice (Bob was holding up the quilt last night in...see all
January 8, 2014 | Betsy's Backyard
Caroline's boyfriend, John, gave her vanity plates for Christmas. They go on the old, rusty, white minivan we make her drive, which needed a little boost of decoration. The plates mean "I Like Pigs" not "I Lick Pigs," as some have suggested. Either...see all
January 7, 2014 | Lisa's Kitchen
Yesterday, my boys had a snow day on what was supposed to be their first day back to school after Christmas break. Only we didn't really have much snow. The real reason classes were cancelled is that it was well below zero, with wind chills up to...see all
January 7, 2014 | Lisa's Kitchen
The other day, my husband sent me a chicken recipe he came across, and wanted me to try it with pork chops. Lucky for him, we had all the ingredients on hand, and I had some frozen pork chops in the freezer. I thawed them out, whipped this dish up...see all
January 6, 2014 | Betsy's Backyard
It was -13 at our Iowa farm this morning, with the wind blowing. Nice. I am grateful we replaced our front door last summer. In the past we had to tape it shut for days like this. The sheep don't seem to mind this cold. They snuggle down in the...see all
January 5, 2014 | Lisa's Kitchen
It's cold here ... very cold. So cold that church was cancelled this morning, and school has already been cancelled for tomorrow. We have wind chills in the 30-50 degrees below zero range. It's actually 30 degrees warmer in Antarctica today than it...see all