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Best Shop Feature

Justin Parchman's Texas shop is the winner of the Best Feature category in the Living the Country Life Top Shops contest, sponsored by Morton Buildings.
Photos by Justin Parchman

Justin Parchman's shop was built with these specialty features in mind:

1. Safety flex air system, and rolling table and tool box.

2. Tig welder and welding station.

3. Overall clean work environment to work in.

Justin wrote the following for his entry in the contest.

I have a vintage motocross bike restoration shop and I also operate a small honeybee ranch, along with a few goats and equine.

I set up a 740-square-foot metal building on a 6-inch concrete slab and divided it into three rooms.

The main room has a walk-in door and a roll up bay door. This room is set up for dis-assembly and assembly of motorbikes and small agriculture equipment repair, as well as bee hive construction and repairs. It has two worktables, one metal motorcycle lift table and a tire changing station.

I have two rolling toolboxes and peg boards on the walls for my most used tools. I have a parts cleaning station. I have two large metal shelving units for parts storage. I have a storage cabinet and a sales counter.

I installed a compressor flex safety approved air line which is plumbed into each room of the shop, plus one outside hook up for airing up tires on the tractor, ATV’s and vehicles. I’m able to use pneumatic air tools with this system such as; staplers, nail guns, and air wrenches, sand blasting from the exterior outlet, etc. with this set up.

I finished out this shop myself, so I installed plug in every spot I could, including the ceiling. I have a place for an air conditioner, (which I haven’t had to use yet) and I use a wood stove for winter heat.

I have a 10 x 10 paint room complete with ventilation fan and tables for detail work. I installed bars and hooks from the ceiling for hanging items to paint, as well.

The other 10 x 10 room is a welding room with buffing wheel and grinding wheel stations.

My shop also contains a sink with hot and cold running water. I insulated with foam insulation and installed the solar boards for the walls, which turned out to be very energy efficient, making my shop cozy warm for the winter and keeping it cool in the summer.

My most favorite thing about my shop is that it’s the ultimate “Man Cave," but I don’t mind sharing it with my wife, because she is a big help in getting things done. So, to be fair, I’ll have to re-phrase that, it’s “Our Cave."

My shop design supports my operation by allowing me to bring in motorcycles and some smaller equipment, and parts through the roll up bay door for repairs. I located my shop next to the front gate just off the drive, giving easy access.

My tool boxes and lift table are on rollers, so they can easily be moved around to make more room. I have all the plugs necessary to operate any tool or machinery needed. I have access at any point in my building to my air compressor hoses.

I am able to weld various types of material with my tig welder, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and many others. I can paint inside a closed room and contain any over spray of paint, or grinding dust.

Although our first love is raising bees, queens and honey, I also have always had a passion for motorcycles and the proceeds from the sales of restored vintage bikes helps offset our agriculture business.

It is nice to be able to work in a comfortable, clean environment. My past shops had dirt floors and so I do appreciate what I have now.

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