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Building a Potting Shed

A potting shed is an ideal place to store garden tools and get your hands dirty

When gardening season rolls around you need everything organized, and space to work.  It can be just a simple garden shed or built specifically to blend in with the garden.It takes a lot of stuff to grow things. Gardening tools, potting supplies, practically need another building.

Garden Editor Eric Liskey with Better Homes and Gardens says it's a good idea to have a shed or dedicated area for your gardening tools and supplies, and also a potting bench to work on. A lean-to against the house or garage may offer just the right amount of space. You could repurpose an unused outbuilding, or maybe you want to build a unique potting shed that blends in with the garden. There are many kits and ideas online to choose from to match your preferences.

"Most people I think use a standard garden shed and then just put the potting bench inside of that," says Liskey.  "That's pretty convenient, it keeps you protected from the weather. You just have to think of things like lighting, either run electricity to the shed or just make sure you have a window or a skylight that gives you some light to work by. Some people will install running water. It can be convenient, but it won't accomplish anything you can't do with a garden hose."

A potting shed doesn't have to be huge, all you need is enough room to work. Liskey says the bench inside might be four-to-six-feet wide, and the shed itself may be eight-feet-by-ten-feet. What's more important is that it has a good work surface, and storage capabilities for pots, soil, and tools.

"A shed is really convenient because all those walls give you lots of space to put shelves and accomplish your storage that way," says Liskey. "Some people will build in a tub or a sink with or without running water into the surface of the potting bench, and that just gives you a place to confine the soil."

Various hooks to hold tools are nice extras. They're very easy to screw on or attach to the side of a work bench.

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Radio interview source: Eric Liskey, Garden Editor, Better Homes & Gardens

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Radio interview source: Eric Liskey, Garden Editor, Better Homes and Gardens

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