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7 steps to barn success

Comfort and safety (the horse's, that is) should be top priorities when building a barn and a place to ride.
Choose a barn that fits your siteand geographic location. Thebarn should be placed at thehighest point on your property. The site should be well-drained and graded so water flows awayfrom the building.

Now that you finally have that place in the country, you can keep horses at home instead of boarding them somewhere else. As you design and build a barn and riding ring, be sure to put the needs of the animals first.

You must understand the psyche of the horse to build the perfect barn, says George Engler, a dealer for California-based MD Barns. "You've got to think like the horse -- what it's going to take to make him safe, comfortable, and happy."

Before you start building, look into zoning regulations, deed covenants, and governmental restrictions that may apply in your area. Ask local veterinarians, farriers, and feed/hay dealers for the names of horse owners with good facilities. Take pictures and notes, and find out what they liked and didn't like about the builder.


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