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Barns are beautiful

Most older barns are 'good enough' to last a long, long time, if you take the right steps to make them beautiful and useful again.


You've found that perfect acreage not far from town. The old farmhouse is in pretty good shape, and you have plans for fixing it up. But what should you do with the rest of the property? What about the old barn, the corncrib, or the chicken coop?

Having a collection of old farm buildings on your hands may seem like a big burden, but before you decide to burn or bulldoze, think about this: Those old farm buildings have been there for generations, and with a little help they could last another 50 to 100 years. Don't you need some extra storage space, a workshop for those do-it-yourself projects, or a stable for horses?

An old barn not only adds beauty and personality to a rural acreage but also can be adapted for any number of practical uses.

Most older barns were built to last, and many have large, hardwood timbers that are not available today for any price. And those old buildings hold many stories, as you will find out as soon as you start asking around the neighborhood.

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