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Build a super storage shed

Here's how to achieve the attractive look and perfect function you want for outbuildings on your country property.
A storage shed should be a thingof beauty, as well as a thing offunction, says David Stiles. Attractive windowsand doorsadd to a shed's appeal.

Building a shed

A shed should be a thing of beauty to behold, says David Stiles, author of Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Backyard Builders. "People often make the mistake of thinking of it as just a stupid storage building that no one will see. But if you live someplace where the leaves fall off the trees, everyone will see it."

If you share similar sentiments about how outbuildings should look on your property, then you are a candidate for one of the multitude of custom-style storage options available for stashing those garden tools or storing that compact tractor.

And for those of you who consider living the country life synonymous with doing it yourself, any of these three options will deliver polished results:

  • ordering a custom-style kit to assemble on your own,

  • buying a plan and building a shed from scratch, or

  • doing a totally custom design to really put your personal stamp on the finished product.

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