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Automatic gates

Invest in an automatic gate for convenience and safety

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When you live in the country, fences and gates are a necessity for protecting your property, your possessions, and your animals. Some gates get more use than others, though, and when you drive through one on a regular basis, getting out to open and close it can get old -- fast. Automatic gates are a useful solution, especially for property entrances and other commonly used areas. They can be opened from your vehicle or home with a remote, a code, or even with your cell phone. If you're expecting a delivery, for example, the gate can actually call you when the courier arrives. It may seem like something out of the future, but the convenience of an automatic gate can be yours today!

All Around the Farm: Get some great fencing and gate tips from readers of our sister publication, Successful Farming, including a self-closing ATV gate.

Gates, guards and latches: There are several different models of livestock guards, gates, and latches available on the market. Here are a few recommended by the AgrAbility Project.

Horse fences: This 6-page PDF from North Carolina State University Extension has everything you need to know about fencing for horses, including the use of automatic gates around the animals.

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