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Installing a wood fence

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High maintenance

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Radio interview source: Mark Mellow, co-owner, Tahoe Fence Company, Inc.

We used to have an old wooden fence around our grove. It was painted white, and about every three years we were out there scraping and painting it again. We did that for about 12 years before we replaced it with vinyl. The old fence was a pain, but it did have some character to it.

Even though wood fences are high maintenance, some people really appreciate their natural beauty. Mark Mellow runs a fencing company, and says there is a wide range of wood available, but what you choose has to stand up to the elements in your area.

"Typically here on the West Coast it's redwood and cedar," Mellow says. "They're resistant to erosion and to pests. They're soft woods so they're pretty easy to work with but they're good for installing outside. I know I've seen people on the East Coast do like cypress and some other woods like that that are resistant to moisture."

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