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Wrought iron fencing

Weight these fencing factors before investing in wrought iron

Radio interview source: Maurice Cassidy, president, Cassidy Brothers Forge, Inc.













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Wrought iron fences add beauty and a sense of history to your property, and they can last for generations. This type of fence isn't suited to every situation, though, so it's important to think about why you want fencing before investing in wrought iron. In today's show, find out how much you can expect to pay, and get tips for saving money on iron fence.

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Inspiring work: Mary Ann Krempel needed a structure sturdy enough to support a hydrangea vine. Her husband, Jim, made her an iron trellis. Now his ornamental ironwork can be seen all over their acreage, in fencing, gates, plant supports, and more.

Designing your wrought iron gate: No wrought iron fence is complete without a matching gate. Learn how to design one that is both secure and beautiful.

Garden plan to soften a fence: Planting the right combination of flowers can soften the hard look of a wrought iron fence. Download a free detailed garden plan from our sister site, BHG.com.

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