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All Around the homestead, Spring 2011

Useful ideas for around your place

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Drying herbs
I needed a place to dry mint where my cats couldn't disturb it, so I put the plants on a cookie sheet, and then I placed the cookie sheet on the dashboard of my car on a hot, sunny day. The mint was dry the next day, and my car smelled wonderful.
-- L.H., Pennsylvania

Memory foam dog beds
The poly fill in our dog beds was always smashed down or chewed up, so we bought a memory foam mattress topper, cut it into fourths, and put one in each bed. After a year, no damage.
-- P.B., Illinois

Seed cart
I built a cart on wheels to start my seeds in spring. It is 5 feet long and 2 feet wide. It has a shelf on the bottom for storage and a shelf on top for plants. It has two uprights (each is 2 feet high and 2 inches wide) 1 foot apart on each end. I drilled 15 1-inch-diameter holes in each of the four uprights. I used two metal rods to hang two florescent lights. I move the lights up as the plants get taller.
-- R.O., Ohio

Keep chickens from roosting
A great way to keep chickens from perching on standard galvanized poultry cans is to place a ring of chicken wire over the top of the can. The chickens may try to stand on it and it will bend down, but the wire is easily bent back in shape.
-- J.H., Michigan

Hose holder
Miscellaneous plumbing parts (trap and straight piece) and an old hose are great for keeping the hose in the bucket. I have four water buckets behind my barn and need to move the hose to each bucket. I cut the end off an old hose and run it through the plumbing parts.
-- N.L., North Carolina

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