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Betsy's advice: All Around the Homestead

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Welcome wildlife

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Feeding the wildlife isn't just a wintertime duty. They appreciate it all year, even in the heat of the summer. Many of you have some great ideas on how to do this in a unique way and we love to pass those tips along.

A reader in Wisconsin has a suggestion for attracting wildlife to the edges of your property. He plants a seed mixture of alsike clover and rye along his lane. The local wildlife will love this treat, and you won't have to mow as often. For additional beauty, add some native wildflower seeds to the mix.

One of our readers from Indiana has a rustic, very natural idea for a bird feeding station. And it doesn't require buying materials. Timber a dead tree trunk or straight limb and plant it into a deep hole. Trim the branches and hang feeders, suet or corncobs on them.


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