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Choosing the right firewood

Keep your house warm this winter

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If you're concerned about rising oil and gas prices, consider collecting firewood to keep your house warm this winter. Wood cut from a live tree must dry out and become "seasoned" before it is suitable for use as firewood. This process can take six months to one year, depending on the type of wood. However, seasoning increases the heat value of the wood by approximately 20 percent. Both hard and soft woods can be burned in your fuel system, although hard woods will burn longer and create hotter coals.

For more tips on choosing firewood, we suggest the following helpful resources:

Fireplace Safety Tips: Essential safety precautions to keep in mind before using firewood as a heat source.

Firewood Facts: General information for people interested in collecting their own firewood.

Firewood for Home Heat: Factors to consider when using firewood as an alternative to gas or oil, including how to calculate the economic benefits of wood heat.

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