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Outdoor ideas for an attractive gate, moving chickens, and more

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Artistic entryway

I built this swinging gate out of red cedar limbs. It's part of a fence along the property line of my timberland. The gate sits by a footbridge that leads to the neighbors' (who are good friends) place across the creek. They tell me it adds enjoyment to their visits.
--K.B., Oklahoma

Moveable chicken house

To keep my young chickens out of the cold, I put a wire cage on a sheet of plywood with a rope pulled through two holes at one end. With this portable keeper, I can move them outside in the sunshine and back into the shop under a warming light at night.
--P.S., Ohio

Gifts from fish grace gardens

I like to use the old, stale water from my fish aquarium for watering my tomato plants. The aquarium water contains all sorts of nutrients.
--C.S., Oklahoma

Sawdust adds flavor

I save some of the coarse sawdust left by my power saw when I cut hickory or other hardwoods such as oak, apple, or maple. I put the sawdust in with the coals in my charcoal grill. It gives meat a tasty, smoked flavor.
J.B., North Carolina

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