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Positioning motion lights

No switches needed when you need light

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When it gets dark in the country, it gets really dark. Motion lights can make your life easier after the sun sets, and offer a sense of security. They can also be used in areas like barns and outbuildings, so your path is illuminated as you set out to do chores. Listen to the Living the Country Life radio program for tips on positioning the lights.

Radio interview source: Richard Hiatt, president/executive manager, National Food and Energy Council

For more information, we recommend the following Web sites:

Installing motion lights: Watch this video and see for yourself how easy it is to install a motion light.

Positioning driveway lighting: When motion lights are used in the driveway, they let you know when someone enters your property.

Safe and secure: Motion lights are a good way to improve security on your place in the country, but there's much more that can be done. Visit our sister site, Agriculture Online, to take a quiz, download an audit form, and see how several landowners worked to improve security on their property.

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