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Radiant barrier insulation

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Insulate your rafters

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Radio interview source: Luke Rogers, customer services director, Innovative Insulation, Inc.

I can tell that too much heat escapes from our attic in the winter because the snow melts off the roof. It needs more insulation.

Radiant barrier insulation is manufactured from a special reflective foil. In the winter, radiant barriers reduce the amount of energy lost from the top surface of the insulation. On a sunny summer day, solar heat is absorbed by the roof, and is radiated downward toward the attic floor. When there's a radiant barrier in place, nearly all of the heat is reflected back toward the roof.

Luke Rogers is a customer service director for a company that makes radiant barrier insulation, and says the best place to put it is under the roof rafters.

"There are a lot of other places you can put it," Rogers says. "You can put it over the top of existing insulation, you can put it in walls and in crawl spaces, but the most efficient place is directly under the roof rafters. It'll lower the entire attic temperature by about 30 degrees, and all AC equipment or duct work or anything else you have in the attic will then be cooler."


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