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Tough televisions

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Radio interview source: Anthony Bernardi, business development manager, SunBrite TV

It would be fun to have an all-weather TV in my backyard. I would build a big gazebo out in the grove and put it in there. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't get to use it much because my kids and their friends would snag it to play video games. At least they'd be in the fresh air, not down in the basement.

Anthony Bernardi is the business development manager of a company that makes outdoor LCD televisions, and says Mother Nature has nothing on the sets they're building.

"They're made with aluminum and are powder-coated, so they're built to handle rain, snow and extreme temperatures," Bernardi says. "We have thermostatically controlled heaters in our TVs, as well as coolers, and we also build the back of the sets with gaskets and seals so that we keep everything sealed and air-tight. That allows the units to go where people wouldn't think to leave electronics out."

As long as there's power, the TVs will operate in temperatures ranging from a bone-chilling 22 degrees F. below zero, to as hot as 120 degrees F. The thermostat controls keep the TVs 20 degrees either above or below the ambient temperature. There's also a cover to protect the set from dust and debris.

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