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Amanda and Zane Cardwell – Amanda's Daylilies – Mayodan, NC

Amanda and Zane Cardwell took over her parent's daylily garden and created something extraordinary.
Photo courtesy of Amanda and Zane Cardwell

Radio interview sources: Amanda and Zane Cardwell, Owners, Amanda's Daylilies

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Most people have grass in their front yards. Amanda and Zane Cardwell's yard is blanketed with thousands of daylilies. They live on three-acres near Mayodan, North Carolina, and Amanda estimates the flowers take up about one-third of their property.
The Cardwells live across the road from her parents, who had a daylily garden. Amanda's father passed away and her mother wasn't able to care for the flowers. So Amanda and Zane moved them to their place. 
"It was about 200 of them, and none of these had a name," she says. "She had actually gotten them back in the early 70s from a lady that was also aging out and couldn't take care of them. So, we consider these 200-some like our heirloom daylilies because like I said they are the older ones, and they hold up just as well if not better than some of the newer versions."
The intention was to put the lilies along the driveway, but they ended up in the front yard. The Cardwells visited a daylily farm in Virginia, and Amanda says Zane was hooked on the possibility of profiting from the flowers. They now have about five-thousand of them, and nearly 15-hundred different varieties. 
"We have what we call our display beds, which is where our mother plants are," says Cardwell. "And when the plants get big enough, we go in and we take the plant out, we divide from it, and we have a digging bed. That’s where people come every year from May until October and they choose flowers from there. We dig them up and they take them home."
 On the last Saturday of June every year, the Cardwells host a big open house with food, gifts, and entertainment for the children.  
In the meantime, the original heirloom lilies have been moved again to a special place on the property where Zane and Amanda can enjoy their beauty. 

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