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Marvelous mailbox

This stone and brick creation was designed and built with the American Arts and Crafts Movement in mind.
The mailbox uses asymmetrical placement of stones and bricks, which is the foundation of Greene and Greene masonry.
Each piece requires hand mortaring along mating edges.

Greene and Greene style

In the early 1900s in Pasadena, California, architect brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene (aka Greene and Greene) expanded their profession to a new level during the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Not satisfied with simply designing homes, the visionary brothers also created the living spaces, furnishings, and landscaping for their homes in meticulous detail. Exceptional craftsmanship was evident throughout their projects. Many of their homes still survive today and sell for millions when the odd one comes up for sale.

Marlen Kemmet, managing editor of WOOD magazine (sister publication to Living the Country Life magazine), has been building Greene and Greene furniture for over two decades and has created one of the few totally outfitted G&G furnished homes in the Midwest. An avid landscaper, Kemmet acquired numerous images of the rock work the brothers designed and had built for their properties in the Pasadena area. Not satisfied with finely crafted interior pieces, Kemmet also designed and oversaw the creation of a G&G-style mailbox for his rural home last spring.

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