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The Bachelor

Chris Soules is using his celebrity voice to help agriculture

Chris Soules lives and farms in Arlington, Iowa – population 450. If you’ve watched ABC’s “The Bachelor” these past few months, you’ve watched him looking for love from a pool of beautiful women.

Chris says becoming “Prince Farming” wasn’t his idea; his sisters got him on the show. But besides finding a wife, Chris says the show has given him the opportunity to change the stereotype of farming, and become an ambassador for agriculture.

"I hope I’ve changed some perceptions for the better. I think that there’s either the perception that farming is big corporations doing bad things in a really crude sort of manner, or the small-town-bib-overall-wearing-raising-two-chickens-and-a-cow type industry," says Chris. "I think I’ve kind of shed some light on the fact that it is a pretty diverse industry and there’s really good people, good family-oriented businesses in this industry, and good business people that are producing food for the world."

Chris loves living on a farm in a small town. He grew up with plenty of fresh food, helping his mother tend to their big garden. For entertainment, he used his imagination in their expansive yard rather than video games.

Guys, if you’re living the country life and feel like you’ll never find a girl without participating in a reality TV show, Chris says you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle for love.

"When you’re looking for a girl that may not be a small town girl, a successful person that has her own career and she’s motivated, they might think of a small town as a place that would limit opportunity," says Chris. "I think that it’s not that way anymore. With technology and things like that you can really live a pretty rewarding lifestyle, and still live in a small town."

And Chris’ advice for the ladies…

"Marry a farmer, that’s all I got to say. There’s lots of single ones out there."

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