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Country View: Camrose Hill Farm

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Destination for brides

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Radio interview source: Cindie Sinclair, Camrose Hill Farm, Stillwater, Minnesota

Outside of Stillwater, Minnesota, is century-old dairy farm bursting with flowers and blushing brides. The cows are long gone and have been replaced by gardens, workshops and a fresh, elegant atmosphere because of the weddings held there almost every weekend. Cindie Sinclair says she's always wanted to live in the country and grow flowers for people. Sixteen years ago, a series of events led her to the place she now calls Camrose Hill Farm.

She started the floral design business by growing a few plants in the laundry room. But, as the flowers grew, so did her enterprise.

"I now have a three-story barn that we have our workshop in, a pavilion that we rent out for weddings, and a little cottage where our brides get dressed when they come out here to get married," Sinclair says. "So my vision was so small compared to what has happened. Even now I'm surprised by the way things go and what comes up, the direction life takes."

Sinclair says there are so many plants to love, but she has to limit what she grows to plants that will take care of themselves. But, what she does have allows her to create rustic, beautiful designs that mimic our ties to the earth.

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