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Country View: Cowboy Golf - Brent Maher - Franklin, TN

Brent is teeing up for golf in the pasture and supporting charities
Photo courtesy of Boots and Bandana Golf Association

Brent Maher of Franklin, Tennessee had 20-acres of land that he wasn't doing much with. One day as he was mowing, he thought, why not mow out a golf course? Brent didn't play golf, but his friends did. They started pitching in money to play and the winner gave it to his favorite charity. The idea was such a hit, the "Boots and Bandana" cowboy golf tournaments are now growing in other states and benefitting more charities. The organization has a "Masters" tournament where the winner gets a green painted cowboy hat.

Keep in mind this isn't PGA-perfect. Brent says in cowboy golf, the greens aren't manicured; they're just mowed shorter than the fareways. Fortunately, the holes you're aiming for are easy to find.

"We have six-inch holes which are really flower pots," says Brent. "Put it in the ground, smooth it out real nice so there's no dip there. Then, go get yourself some PVC about 8-1/2-feet-long, put a bandana on the end of it for a flag, stick it in the ground, and there you go. There's your pin, your flag, and your cup."

Brent says they don't have many rules, but one is to not bring a lot of clubs. Just two are usually sufficient. When someone's putting a few feet from the hole in regular golf, etiquette demands complete silence. Not in cowboy golf. In fact Brent says it's terribly laughable.

With as little as five-acres of extra land, a cowboy golf course is easy to build and a unique way to enjoy the game.

"It can just be no more than that, or if you want to have a few little charity drives for a local church or some family in need, or anything that somebody would want to do, it's a great way to do that and everybody has a wonderful time," says Brent.

Brent says if you build a cowboy golf course, become a member of the Boots and Bandana Golf Association. You can also post pictures and talk about the fun things you're doing on their Facebook page.

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