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Country View: Jaida Dreyer - Country Music Artist - Nashville, TN

A crooked road on the back of a horse led to a music career
Photo courtesy of Jaida Dreyer

Horses and music have always been a part of Jaida Dreyer's world. The up-and-coming country music artist was born in Canada, raised in several U.S. states, and is now living in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jaida competitively showed several different breeds in the Western Pleasure category. She won her first world championship at 5-years-old, and turned pro when she was 13.

Since Jaida was on the road so much, she had to find ways to keep her spirits up.

"I was pro, so I couldn't really hang out with the other kids that were my age that were just doing the horse thing as a hobby," says Jaida. "But, being 13, 14-years old I couldn't really hang out with the adults all the time either. So I spent a lot of time alone and I wrote about things I saw on the road. But as far as learning how to sing, I really credit singing along with the radio at like 2:00 in the morning driving from North Carolina to Arizona, just trying to keep myself awake."

At 17, when Jaida was at the top of her game, she was forced to retire from horse competition. She suffered a back injury that would only get worse if she continued submitting her body to the wear-and-tear of training horses.  

The only other thing she knew how to do was write songs. So, when she was 18, Jaida and her mother moved to Nashville to expand on her songwriting abilities.

"I haven't lived a lot of years but I've lived a lot of life," says Jaida. "I definitely tend to draw from a lot of my own life experiences, and things that I'm going through now."  

Jaida wasn't concentrating on being a singer. But a work tape that she posted on her Myspace page got the attention of the country music community, and in 2013, she released her self-titled debut album.

Jaida dreams of showing horses again someday. But she says this time, it'll be just for fun.

Listen here to the radio mp3

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