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Country View: Jeanne Archer – Tell Studios – Denver, CO

We're featuring Jeanne Archer of Tell Studios, who puts memories to paper.
Photo courtesy of Tell Studios

Radio interview source: Jeanne Archer, Owner, Tell Studios

Jeanne Archer of Denver, Colorado, knew she wanted to be a storyteller when as a teen, she interviewed her grandfather and learned his tales about growing up. Now she weaves memories into tangible items through the use of audio recordings and books.
"Basically what we do is, we step into people’s lives and walk down hallways that haven’t been traveled in a long, long time," she says. "And because of that, they’re personal and they’re interesting and they’re detailed and they’re fun to hear, and sometimes motivational to hear. Sometimes, they’re fascinating lessons."
Jeanne is often approached by family members who want to preserve the thoughts and recollections of parents or grandparents. To do this, she first conducts an audio interview with them. Some customers only want the audio recording; while others decide to have a book complied with a complete story from the interviews and various memorabilia. 
The price of these services starts at $1,100, depending on the requested services. It takes a couple weeks to 18 months to receive the finished product. But people can always expect a custom, one-of-a-kind end result.
"I would say just about 90 percent of the time as we finish a project, even family members who thought they had heard absolutely every single of mom or dad or grandmom’s stories says that about a third of the information they’ve read in the book is new information because we’re able to pull that out of people," says Archer.
One of her favorite stores is about the family of Lee Bivins, a Texas pioneer. By the time he died in 1929, he was the largest individual cattle owner in the world, and the largest landowner west of the Mississippi.  

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