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Country View: Nashville Star's Shawn Meyer

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That's not mud!

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Radio interview source: Shawn Mayer, country music recording artist

If you followed the "Nashville Star" country music contest on TV, you saw a young lady named Shawn Mayer from May City, Iowa, population 45.

When she was a teenager, Shawn worked on a hog farm, doing everything from weaning pigs to power washing the barns. Shawn loves animals, but says that power washing what the pigs left behind was an experience. She had to tell herself that it was only mud. Shawn worked at the hog farm right up until she moved to Nashville, and discovered she couldn't call it mud anymore.

"I got down to Nashville, and it had rained that day," Mayer says. "And my hair got wet, and I went into the bar, and I had a couple people turn around and say, 'Man I hate it when people drag that in!' And they're like, 'What's that smell?' And I was like, guys it's me, I'm so sorry. The hog smell was stuck in my hair."

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