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Country view: Neighbors slideshow

"Country view" asks you to address subjects on which you are the experts. These are some of your best neighbors stories.
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Neighbors from heaven

When my husband, Bruce, and I first discovered our little oak savannah in Wisconsin, covered in a pristine, new fallen snow, it captured our hearts. In spring, we were ecstatic to find our once frozen woodland greened and blooming with wildflowers. As gardeners with dreams of creating our own botanic garden, this was a gift from heaven. Every free moment was spent digging and transplanting treasured perennials from our home in Illinois, but unable to transport enough water, we rapidly reached a limit.
One Sunday evening as we were leaving for home, dirty, hungry and exhausted, a man arrived in a golf cart. He introduced himself as Luc Boileau, Manager of Knolland Farm across the road. He insisted we follow him back to the farm where we met Ed Jenner, the farm's owner. Having watched us struggle with leaky water jugs and garbage cans, they were sympathetic to our situation. They showed us a yard hydrant near the barn where we could get all the water we wanted! They couldn't have found a more wonderful gift.
Barbara Burris, Burlington, Wisconsin

Date Published: April 13, 2012
Date Updated: April 30, 2012

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