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Country view: Neighbors

"Country view" asks you to address subjects on which you are the experts. This month you shared your best neighbors stories.
Six-year-old triplets Nicholas, Mitchell and Curtis and 3-year-old sister Jill know what it takes to be a good neighbor.

A family effort

Patti Ross, Wakeman, Ohio

There is a certain family in my neighborhood consisting of a dad, a mom, triplet 6-year-old boys, and a 3-year-old girl. Whether it is plowing snow from someone's driveway or sharing vegetables from their garden, this family excels at being neighborly. The children are always involved in their efforts. This past summer one elderly neighbor was not able to water the garden after a fall, so the mom and all four children took care of the watering duties.

They always seem to know when someone needs cheering up and visit bearing smiles, hugs, homemade cookies or soup, and a handmade card. Now that the triplets are in kindergarten, the neighbors are saving Campbell's soup labels and Box Tops for Education for the boys' school. The mom sends out regular updates on her kids' activities to the neighbors, complete with photos. These parents are teaching their children not only to be great neighbors, but also to be good citizens. I am glad they live in our country neighborhood.

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