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Country View: Phillip and Anita Messer - Red Gate Farm - Francesville, IN

The Messer family has many blessings thanks to their goats
Anita puts the finishing touches on a show goat

Radio interview source: Phillip Messer, Owner, Red Gate Farm


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Money won't get you everything. Sometimes all it takes to go to college is a goat. Phillip and Anita Messer live on 38 acres in Francesville, Indiana. When their son, Levi, was around 10-years-old, he wanted to raise Boer goats, so they got him a couple. Phillip says Levi continued to raise and nurture the goats so well, his efforts paved the way for an education at Kansas State University.

"It was because of the Boer goats that he was actually asked to come to Kansas State by one of the professors out there that was involved with Boer goats at the time," says Phillip. "His grades were exceptional and that definitely helped, but the Boer goat was the reason. Period. And I would never have thought a decade ago that a Boer goat would have put our son into college, and as of right now he has no bill."

The goats have been good to the entire family, which also includes daughter Raquel, her husband, and their two small children. The Messers travel to goat shows around the country, and have collected over two-dozen national titles.

Phillip says when they're not showing animals, they're home focusing on developing brood stock for sale.

"Indian Outlaw being our main buck, and we've exclusively bred high-quality females whether they are registerable or not," says Phillip. "Whether full-bloods, percentages, purebreds, we have had incredible success and we thank the Lord that He has blessed us to have such a good buck up to now."

Phillip and Anita's place is called Red Gate Farm. They hope to soon change that to Red Gate Farms. Levi is engaged to be married, and his fiance's family also raises Boer goats. Phillip says it's amazing how these animals have brought so many people together.




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