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Country View: Rural life by the big city

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Best of both worlds

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Radio interview source: Margareta Lidskog, acreage owner

Twenty-two years ago a young lady named Margareta Lidskog and her husband, Niklas, moved from Sweden to historic Concord, Massachusetts. Their acreage borders the Minuteman National Historic Park, and Henry David Thoreau was born nearby. In fact, the rhubarb in the Lidskogs garden comes from his birth place, so Margareta impresses friends by baking a cobbler with what she calls "historical rhubarb".

The couple's land is surrounded by open space, farms, ponds, rivers, and wooded areas. But, they live just 30 minutes from downtown Boston, and enjoy cultural opportunities whenever they want. Margareta says they have the best of both worlds.

"I really feel like I'm more part of the country just because of the way I live," Lidskog says. "And you know you don't go into the big city often. You can go in anytime you need to, but we're so happy to live in the countryside."

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