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Country View: Winter Weather

"Country view" asks you to address subjects on which you are the experts. This month you shared your best winter weather stories.
Bruce and Barbara Burris decided to have fun with the last snow of a long season. They built a giant Easter bunny to welcome guests.

Snow bunny, Winter in the Deep South

Snow bunny
Barbara Burris, Burlington, Wisconsin

When the day before Easter dawned this year with a good 15 inches of snow on the ground, my husband, Bruce, decided to take advantage of what we hoped would be the last snow of a long season. He decided to make an Easter bunny! Our puppy, Alex, excited at all the activity, joined in the fun, too.

When our bunny was complete, it stood about 8 feet tall. Sunday morning, Bruce still felt the bunny needed a bit of whimsy and also something to help define its face, so he mixed some food coloring and water in a plastic bottle and sprayed it pink!

Although Easter Sunday grew sunny and warm, the bunny held on for a few family photos. On Monday, temperatures climbed into the 40s, and by afternoon, the bunny had done a face plant, leaving us with cute photos and happy memories.

Winter in the Deep South
Billie Payne, Batesville, Mississippi

Winter weather in the Deep South sometimes just doesn't feel like winter at all. In January, 75° days bring you out in short sleeves, but the next day may require layers with long johns and gloves. But once or twice a year, we get a snow day.

So when our weatherman predicts snow, everyone rushes out to buy milk and bread and to refill their prescriptions just in case they get snowed in. Schools are cancelled and businesses close early. After the predicted 3 to 5 inches have fallen, we can't possibly stay inside! After a drive, we dust off the plastic sled or go find a true southerner's sled - a cardboard box! We hit the slopes (the hills in our pasture) until the box gets wet and falls apart or the plastic saucer cracks. Next, we go for a walk to marvel at the beauty and simplicity that snow brings.

Finally, it's back inside to warm up around the wood stove and to sip on hot chocolate. As the last of the snow melts, usually by 3:00 p.m. or so, we sit around and anticipate next year's snow day.

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