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Build a smokehouse in 11 easy steps

This smokehouse holds more meat and is less expensive than store-bought smokers. It was designed by Cameron Faustman of the University of Connecticut Department of Animal Science, and Alton Blodgett of the Connecticut State Department of Agriculture, and only cost around $170 to build!
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Cameron Faustman

Step 1: Cut the sides of the smokehouse

Faustman and Blodgett recommend tongue-in-groove pine because it is easy to work with and cost effective. Where needed, the tongue on the outside edge of walls can be removed with a utility knife. Do NOT use pressure-treated lumber, since smoke that comes in contact it will contact your food.

Fit and clamp together 5 boards, with the edge groove facing front and the tonghe (removed) facing the back. Measure the front height to be 6', and the back 5'9". Snap a chalk line between measurements to make an angled top line. Cut with a circular saw. Repeat in mirror image for the other side.

Date Published: January 16, 2013
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