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Enjoying green tomatoes

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Tangy treat

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Radio interview source: Lynn Blanchard, Test Kitchen director, Better Homes and Gardens

Green tomatoes are under-appreciated. They have the unfortunate experience of being the last born on the vine, only to be turned to mush by a frost before they can show their true colors. Bring them inside and use them! You'd be surprised by how the lowly green tomato can add zing to your meals.

Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen Director Lynn Blanchard says pick green tomatoes that are just about ready to ripen. If possible, harvest them before the first frost. They should be full-grown and light-colored, not a deep green. Store them in the refrigerator if you're not going to use them right away. If you leave them on the counter they'll ripen.

You can eat them raw and they'll have a tangy-tart bite to them. But, Blanchard likes to cook them a little bit and says sauteing with butter and garlic is yummy.

"Chop them up, I usually just leave the seeds and the skin on, but remove the core, and then saute them with a little butter and garlic, and then at the very end add some half cherry tomatoes in just right before serving," Blanchard says. "It really makes a kind of sweet, tangy side dish that is great for alongside grilled recipes -- you know just kind of a nice warm salad, if you will."

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