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Living with diabetes

No need to scrimp on flavor or fun with these light and healthful recipes.
For the Rosemary Potato Frittata, instead of sauteing the potatoes and onions in butter, you cook them in water to cut the fat.

Diabetes food pointers

Knowing what to eat when you or a family member has diabetes can be confusing. Julia Martinusen, editor of Diabetic Living magazine (a sister publication to Living the Country Life magazine), offers some pointers.

1. Whenever possible, choose whole grains instead of white breads.
2. Learn to eat reasonable portion sizes. Nonstarchy vegetables should occupy half the plate; meat and starches should both be the size of a deck of cards.
3. Scale back on sugar. Use fruit to sweeten naturally and add fiber.

Martinusen has a special warning for country homeowners living with diabetes. Don't ignore small injuries you might get working around your acreage. "Nerve damage can be a complication of high blood glucose, so take any injury seriously. Treat wounds properly because they may be slower to heal," she says. Here are some delicious recipes from Diabetic Living magazine.

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