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Stove-top Short Ribs

Learn how to make a savory stove-top short rib recipe

There's nothing better than digging until late beloved red that
are falling off of the round. Now when talking about
deep as fifty different kinds there's back friends and short
not the main difference is that they come from different
areas of how. But because a little bit different than
them anyway. -- back ribs -- a little bit longer
and they are a little bit left me. While the
spartans kind of thing and I are shorter and never
really plump and all of me. Now you've got Bonin
Starr -- and also bomb threat depending on what your
recipe calls or you can find either I -- These
phone in the short -- to make a stove tops
our kids recipes it's really fast and hardly uses any
ingredients. I've just got them Browning and from oil here
in my 68 -- that's -- -- wanna get a
really nice dark browns here on the outside. Once you've
got that done to strain out the fat. And then
add some onions 93 large onions cut into -- happens.
When it. And then I cannot be brought. And a
cup of red wine. That red wine is gonna really
mellow out a lot of great flavor. And once that
goes then you bring to boiling. And then puts your
lid on and simmer it for our. Now that that's
the simmered for an hour and it's gonna simply add
two pounds of small Yukon gold potatoes. The -- just
go right in on the top. And then the link
goes back on and it simmers for another 45 minute.
Coming along great -- -- -- add -- pound baby
carrots. I got the one that already have the tops
-- knocked. And that's gonna -- thirty minutes more. I've
got everything out of a pot and on my platter
and I can see that my ribs are really tender.
Now I'm just gonna make a great V which is
go -- to serve over the top of these written
vegetables. Industry's top drive just got a quarter couple water.
And two tablespoons flour. Not all those wonderful cooking juices
that I had my pain. It's gonna add that flour
mixture. And you won -- this constantly while it comes
to boiling they don't get lumpy gravy. And just bring
that to a boil and cook a minute longer. It
didn't quite catch all of those ingredients you can check
out live in the country like dot. Even children --
and with all the evil Romans filling your house and
it'll get sent to get your manly men --

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