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From the editor: Tackling spring projects

'Projects are a big reason why we choose to live out here inthe country. We are all abunch of project nuts.'

Every spring my husband, Bob, and I look around our acreage and come up with a project plan. It's nothing we write down. We just walk around the yard, behind the barn, through the grove, and out to the pasture. We see the fence needs replaced, the pasture needs fertilized, the barn needs repaired, trees need trimmed, and a shed needs torn down. We can't do it all, so we pick a project or two. Last year we tore down the old garage and put up a shop (or to be more exact, a building to house a shop). Now there's a project that will never end. Bob can tinker in that shop for the rest of his days.

This spring I will tackle our front yard. Right now it looks like a 300-pound mole burrowed under it dragging a skid steer behind him. You see, last fall we hired a contractor to install drain pipes from our house out to the road. The pipes channel rainwater away from the foundation and basement. Great idea, and it works like a dream. Problem is, the installer cut through our septic line in the process (he fixed it the next day) and left a gouged lawn.

I am not sure exactly how I'm going to redo my lawn, but at least I've identified the target project for the year.

We are all a bunch of project nuts

You are headed outside soon to tackle a fix-'em-up or build-it chore on your acreage, too. I know you are because thousands of readers of this magazine were surveyed about projects, purchases, pets, and more. When asked what projects you will do in the next three years, the list was long. You want to do everything! Three fourths of you are going to do some landscaping; more than half will plant trees; a third will build fence, remodel your home, and put up a building; one fourth of you will build a pond. Whew.

Projects are a big reason why we choose to live out here in the country. We are all a bunch of project nuts.

A little remodeling at the magazine

Along that line, the staff of Living the Country Life magazine has been busy with a remodeling project of our own. Art director Matt Snyder has redesigned the entire magazine, starting with the logo. Let me know what you think. I would also love to hear what outdoor projects you are working on this spring. Write to me at

Now get out there and move some dirt!

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