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Goat Yoga

An Oregon woman has a successful business pairing goats and yoga
Photo courtesy of Lainey Morse

Lainey Morse owns some beautiful land near Corvalis, Oregon. While hosting a child’s birthday party, she struck up a conversation with a parent who was a yoga instructor. With the scenic view of the mountains, she told Lainey it would be a perfect spot for a yoga class.

But there was one catch – this was the field where six miniature goats hung out. The women decided if yoga participants didn’t mind goats gazing at them while in unusual poses, then why not give it a try? Lainey says it was an immediate hit.

"We started out with like, 40 people and that’s just too many. I never thought this would be a sentence I would say, but you have to have a good goat-to-human ratio because that’s why they’re there," says Lainey. "They want that interaction with these little mini goats. So I’ve capped it at 20 now, and that seems to be perfect because then everybody gets to snuggle goats."

The goats love it too. She says they are very friendly, very spoiled, and thrive on the attention they get in class.

"When people are doing their routine and a little goat comes up to you, it’s pretty impossible to ignore that," says Lainey. "But goats, I think, are just the perfect mixture for yoga. It’s almost when they chew their cud they go into this meditative state, and they’re so focused. It might sound crazy but it’s just really relaxing! And so a lot of times they just sit on people’s mats and chew their cud."

Goat yoga has gone viral. There’s a waiting list of 600 people from around the world who want in this unusual class. Lainey wants to help others get the chance to join in the fun, so she has trademarked the name “Goat Yoga,” and is establishing franchises.

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