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Goats of Anarchy

This New Jersey woman rescues the baby goats nobody else wants
Photo courtesy of Leanne Lauricella

Leanne Lauricella of Annandale, New Jersey, drove by cute little farms every day on her commute to New York City for what she calls a very stressful job.  One day she stopped to visit a farm with baby goats.

Leanne says she was immediately addicted – she bought two baby goats, which then turned into five. She decided that animals were her calling and quit her job. On her first day of unemployment, Instagram set her future in motion.

"Instagram featured one of my photos on their homepage and I got over 30,000 followers within just a few hours. I just took that as a sign that I was on the right track, it happened on the very first day that I was unemployed," she says. "And from then I just started rescuing and somehow I fell into the little niche of having special needs. I really just like working with them, and specifically babies with special needs."

Leanne now rehabs baby goats that nobody else wants. They come to her very sick, some have birth defects, and she even buys prosthetics for goats that are missing legs.  

She and her husband Bill have a small acreage with a barn for the animals, but the critical baby goats live in the house.

"Their poor little limbs are falling off, they’re in pain and they’re tiny and fragile. They’re bottle babies so every morning I have five little alarm clocks waking me up, they’re hungry. I bottle feed them all and change all of their diapers and their onesies, and I’m putting prosthetic legs on all of them," says Leanne. "We just get them good and healed, and then eventually they graduate to the baby barn outside."  

Leanne has written a book about her goats and their stories called “Goats of Anarchy, Goats Just Wanna Have Fun”.

Learn more about Leanne's goat rescue operation

Listen here to the radio mp3

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