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WoodMaster's Flex Fuel Furnace

A resourceful alternative energy option

WoodMaster has introduced a Flex Fuel indoor furnace as part of their 2010 lineup. The furnace is part of the company's new line of indoor and outdoor flex fuel furnaces, engineered with clean European technologies built right in.

"We've partnered with a European company that has developed and utilized these proven technologies for 25 years -- and this flex fuel furnace specifically for more than 10 years," says Chuck Gagner, CEO of Northwest Manufacturing, WoodMaster's developer. "Their engineers and designers have taken burning wood for heat to an art form, and we're proud to now offer this technology to U.S. furnace dealers and consumers."

Product features

The new Flex Fuel furnaces provide extremely clean, highly efficient heat. Each model utilizes several features in furnaces designed for best burn values and a long life span, plus:

  • Technology that burns gases at optimal levels to prolong life of furnace

  • Self-cleaning, larger ash area and other details to reduce maintenance to once per month or even once every other month

  • Analyzer that regulates the primary and secondary air to adjust the burn rate accordingly, allowing homeowners to burn various biomass fuels with excellent emission values

  • Automatic ignition on all three biomass fuels

  • Appealing compact design

These thermal storage boilers will be the first U.S.-manufactured furnaces that allow homeowners to use cord wood, wood chips and/or wood pellets for home heating with high efficiency and low emissions. Emissions testing conducted by the company shows the product will meet and exceed 2010 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary emissions program.

EPA Phase 1 Emissions Guidelines

Through the Hearth, Patio, Barbeque Association (HPBA), Northwest Manufacturing has worked closely with the EPA on new testing standards and works with state and local governments on appropriate regulations to encourage cleaner burning outdoor wood furnaces.

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