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Customized products are personally connecting a woodworker with his customers
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When it comes to making things by hand, Bob Michaels has woodworking down to a science. His small business in Dousman, Wisconsin makes beautifully handcrafted works of art that are also functional. Bob has been a woodworker since his childhood, but set out to turn his passion into a business in 2010.

"I can picture it in my mind, to this day, standing there with my grandfather behind me and just taking that plane and zipping across a piece of wood. And the smell, and I can even tell you what kind of wood it was today. And that’s how it all got started," says Bob. "I thought, why don’t I create something that I make to do with horses, and also put my talents to use, so I decided to start my Hammered Horse business."

Hammered Horse makes hoof picks, saddle stands, and cabinetry. The most popular item is the “space-saver saddle stand,” a stand that has a locking storage drawer built in. Bob says that the biggest appeal of his business is the fact that everything is carefully handmade – something that he wishes was more common.

"Almost all people that I deal with are just so happy. They tell me it’s so neat that somebody makes something with their hands still, and not mass produced by a big machine," he says. "It’s more than just simply sawing something, you know, you’re making something that really means something to a lot of people."

Bob says he gets a lot of personal satisfaction from talking with his customers, and how they’re going to use his product. He also loves talking with other people who craft, because they can tell the story of how they created a piece. He says that telling the story behind someone’s work is important to learning about the piece and the creator.

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