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She hones her flower market for all seasons
Photo courtesy of Harvest Moon Farm

Linda Chapman wanted to stay home with her two kids, and started growing flowers on her Spencer, Indiana, farm as a way to make some money. That was almost 30-years ago. Linda found herself at the beginning of the “buy local” movement and has grown her operation slowly over the years to take advantage of the opportunities.

She says 100 species of flowers are still the bread-and-butter of the small farm, but she’s become diversified and has something to sell in all four seasons.

"In the spring I sell a lot of gallon potted perennials and a lot of bedding plants and that kind of gets the cash flow starting before the flowers are coming on hard and strong," says Linda. "We grow a lot of microgreens for chefs and for our winter market. And then in the fall we do a lot of dried flower and herb wreaths, during the holidays we’re doing Christmas wreaths with dried flower accents."

Linda has a solar greenhouse, and six hoop houses that are productive year-round. Two of them have minimal heat but the temperature is kept above freezing so she can grow and sell cool-weather flowers at the winter farmer’s market. The other four grow vegetables for the winter market and for the chefs.

She also has a lot of early spring flowers planted in them that build strong roots over the winter and start blooming by mid-March. This gives her something to sell before the field flowers are ready – and a leg up on the competition.

"No one else has as many as I have at that time of year. Our quality is really good, but also then I’m hitting Easter, Mother’s Day, high school graduation, and even Memorial Day," says Linda. "So it’s another way of kicking off the season and being financially sound."

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